BKB Photo Competition

Agriciltural Writers SA Sponsor - BKB

All members of the Agricultural Writers SA are invited to participate in the for the agricultural press. In the competition the emphasis is on the communication value of photos and the photographic skill of the photographer.

FNB Communicator of the Year

Agriciltural Writers SA Corporate Memeber - FNB

The aim of the competition is to honour the efforts of any member (excluding corporate members) of the Agricultural Writers SA (the North and !Xhariep regions) who excel at communicating important and interesting information about the agricultural sector to their intended audience.

Santam Agriculture Farmer of the Year Best Coverage Award

Agriciltural Writers SA Sponsor - Santam Agriculture

Santam Agriculture’s award for the best coverage on the Agricultural Writers SA’s Farmer of the Year once again promises a cash prize to the Agricultural Writers member who gave the best reporting on the 2019 Farmer of the Year.