Farmer of the Year

Farmer of the Year

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The nomination of this category aims to evaluate candidates according to their sustainability. The latter refers to the farming method that will enable the farmer to achieve success in all fields, but continue farming successfully while using the land and farming enterprise in a manner that will allow his/her progeny to continue with these operations.

The main factors used for adjudication are:

  • The maintenance and increasing biological productivity
  • Lowering of risks to ensure greater security
  • Maintenance and management of the natural resources
  • Economic sustainability
  • Social acceptability and justification

These factors are then evaluated under the following divisions:

  • A broad overview of the farming enterprise with a focus on the candidates’ distinctiveness.
  • Biological productivity – the manner in which the candidate maintains and increases the farming operation’s biological productivity.
  • The candidate’s ability to hedge against all forms of risks that could have an impact on the enterprise.
  • Maintenance and management of the natural resources – the candidate’s ability to maintain and improve the natural resources.
  • Economic sustainability and the candidate’s modus operandi to ensure sustainability.
  • Social responsibility and trusteeship – steps taken by the candidate to ensure that the farming enterprise is socially acceptable and justifiable. This involves, among others, own and workers’ remuneration, support to workers and their families at social level, community empowerment and support.