FNB Communicator of the Year Award

FNB Communicator of the Year Award

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The aim of the competition is to honour the efforts of any member (excluding corporate members) of the Agricultural Writers SA (the North and !Xhariep regions) who excel at communicating important and interesting information about the agricultural sector to their intended audience. This audience may be the primary agricultural sector, related industries in the sector or the general public, if the communication effort focuses primarily on agriculture. This may include communication in print, broadcast, electronic or social media platforms and can include communication projects at events, entered by an individual (with supportive material to describe it).

Judging criteria:

When judging the portfolios of articles/reports/stories/projects the following will be considered (marks to be awarded up to a total of 100:

  • The relevance to the agricultural sector/intended audience (40 marks)
  • Logical explanation and flow of the information/presentation (10 marks)
  • Is the content user friendly and the audience able to understand the relevance of the story/information? (20 marks)
  • Supportive material – i.e. the use of photographs, video, graphics, displays etc. (30 marks)


Articles/TV/Video/radio broadcasts/projects will only be valid for entry if published/broadcast/took place between 1 September 2018 and 31 August 2019.

Entries are limited to three articles/reports/broadcasts/projects per candidate and these are to be packaged in a portfolio. The portfolio may include more than one medium as part of the entry (eg. an article published in printed media, a video and a radio broadcast.)

Language of entries:

  • English
  • Afrikaans
  • Any other language must be accompanied by an English translation/description.

Entries must be e-mailed to the secretariat of the Agricultural Writers SA (charmaine@abevents.co.za), after which it will be sent on to the chair of the judging committee at FNB.

Each entry must be accompanied by:

  • The entry form
  • A word document of the article/a word document explaining the video and/or radio insert and/or project
  • A copy of the original article/a link of the relevant online material/a link of the relevant video material/a link of the relevant radio material/a copy of the pamphlet, etc
  • The publication date of the material entered must be indicated clearly.