BKB Photo Competition

BKB Photo Competition

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All members of the Agricultural Writers SA are invited to participate in the for the agricultural press.

  • In the competition the emphasis is on the communication value of photos and the photographic skill of the photographer.
  • There are two main awards:
    • Agricultural Photographer
    • Agricultural Photo of the Year


Class 1: People in Farming

These persons, as well as the farming related activities they are involved in, must be reflected by the entries, e.g. the sale of products, congresses, farmers’ days, demonstrations and training and information sessions. Photos depicting farm lifestyles also fall into this category.

Class 2: Vegetation

Crops, pastures and problem plants.

Class 3: Animals

This includes livestock, poultry, fish, game as well as farm and problem animals. Animals in Class 4 are excluded.

Class 4: Wool and Mohair Industries

Photos of wool sheep and Angora goats or any other photos illustrating aspects of these industries.

Class 5: Agricultural Implements

Implements and related technology.

Class 6: Photos of Show Animals

Any photo of an animal that participated in a show.

Class 7: News

Any photo of a newsworthy event which does not suit an entry into any of the other classes.

Class 8: Portfolio

Six single photos (each with a caption and date of publication) reflecting the participant’s skill as agricultural photographer. Entries should be of six different subjects and can include colour or black and white photos.

Class 9: Unpublished Photographs

Any photo with agriculture as a theme which portrays photographer’s versatility.

Entries are restricted to six photos and can be colour or black and white.

Class 10: Best Photo

All published photos in Class 1 to 8 will be entered automatically. The winning photo is the Agricultural Photo of the Year.