Agripen March 2018

Agripen March 2018

Good things in life

I am a small town girl called Sbusile Mndawe. My foundations were laid in Waterval-Boven in Mpumalanga and everything I know I learned from my mother and older sisters. Initially, I wanted to study law or public relations. But during my gap year, I realised that my curiosity was a monster that needed to be fed, and fate led me to journalism. Currently, I am a third year journalism student at the Tshwane University of Technology and each year I fall in love with journalism more. The dream of having story telling as a profession came with a lot of critics.

People perceive journalists as individuals who are liars and bored with nothing to do with their lives. My goal is to prove that misconception wrong. I believe that good things in life happen in mysterious ways. This includes getting my internship at Landbouweekblad. I heard that there was a vacancy at Media24 Afrikaans newspapers and I applied. To my surprise during the interview I was presented with a Landbouweekblad magazine. However, to my advantage I had a slight idea what the magazine was about so I had a spark of relief.

Even though I wanted to remain optimistic about getting the job, I felt that I was not the suitable candidate for the position. I was never happier to be proven wrong. Excitement aside, I started wondering about a number of things. My biggest concern was whether I would be able to fit in an environment where I am not only the youngest and less experienced, but the mere fact that I was the only black person in an office filled with Afrikaans speaking people made me nervous. I received a warm welcome from my new colleagues which made me gain my sense of belonging within a week.

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