Agripen August 2018

Agripen August 2018

IFAJ 2018 – besides the fun and games

The annual International Federation of Agricultural Journalists conference took place in the Netherlands this year. Our guild was well represented and the fact that more than half of the South Africans were from the “younger generation”, says quite a lot about the future of Agricultural Writers SA! The conference programme kicked off with the delegate assembly on the 11th of July at the Wageningen University & Research. Eight new countries were formally accepted as IFAJ members during the meeting – namely: Togo, Zanzibar, The Gambia, Cameroon, Liberia, Georgia, Senegal and United Republic of Tanzania. The IFAJ now boasts with 50 member countries from all over the world! Applications have been received for nearly a dozen more countries, and the organisation aims to actively pursue membership growth in South America and Asia.

The Delegate Assembly voted unanimously to draft bylaws allowing the IFAJ Presidium to start the process of registering a foundation (non-profit organisation with charitable status) in the UK. The UK was chosen for a variety of reasons including a robust regulatory system for charities. The approval of the foundation bylaws, as well as to register IFAJ as a (non-profit) company limited by guarantee, were historic decisions that got the event off to a great start.

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