Photo of the month / Foto van die maand

November 2017

October 2017
Magda du Toit
Beginning of a new season on the Highveld.

August 2017
Deon du Toit
Fiery sunset

July 2017
Alani Janeke
Winter in the Free State - freezing the landscape for new beauty in the spring.

May 2017
Helene Booyens
Koos, the Anatolian Sheepdog of Montagu, guarding his Dohne Merino flock.

April 2017
IFAJ 2017 photograph competition winner - production category. First place: Theuns Botha, Landbouweekblad, South Africa

March 2017
Sunshine in Magaliesburg.

January 2017
A quiet moment outdoors.

December 2016
Alani Janeke
Sunrise over Edenville, Free State.

November 2016
A relaxing equestrian snack in the morning.

October 2016
I am from Africa!

August 2016
Marike Brits
Waiting patiently to off-load shipped grain at an Afgri silo in Bronkhorstspruit.

July 2016
Alani Janeke
Corn-planting time in the Eastern Cape

June 2016
Marieke Snyman
It's a journey...

April 2016
Martin van Niekerk
Sometimes the travelled road just gets too long!

March 2016
Alani Janeke
As the Cosmos blooms, the rain will come

February 2016
Journos at work

January 2016
Silent icons of strength

December 2015
Johan Norval
Size does count – wheat harvest, Hopetown

October 2015
Johan Norval had IFAJ's Christina Frank in the palm of his hand at Hobbitton, the film set of Lord of the Rings, on the farm of the Alexanders.

September 2015
The colour yellow resonates with the left or logic side of the brain, stimulating our mental faculties and creating mental agility and perception.

August 2015
Johan Norval
Farmers are born

July 2015
Alani Janeke
And then there was Bethulie

June 2015
Alani Janeke
Nothing like an early winter morning dip!

May 2015
Alani Janeke
Celebrating cheese official opening of the Cheese Festival 2015

April 2015
Chris Jooste
A very delicate stool

March 2015
Martin van Niekerk
Eventually implements pass their sell-by date

February 2015
Bonita Malherbe
Harvesting in the Breede River valley

January 2015
Johan Norval

December 2014
A blessed festive season

November 2014
Johan Norval
BKB 2014 competition winning photographer and winning photograph

October 2014
Theuns Botha
A lane of champions

September 2014
Johan Norval
Loxton meat masters retiring for the day

August 2014
Theuns Botha
The future is here

July 2014
Magda du Toit
Harvest time

June 2014
Alani Janeke
Many a true word... spoken in agriculture

May 2014
Sonet Bergh
Journos at work

April 2014
Johan Norval
Sunset on Hopetown agricultural activities

March 2014
Martin van Niekerk
Night harvest

February 2014
Mercia Smith
An office with a view - Matroosberg

January 2014
Alani Janeke
Technology enhances traditional

December 2013

November 2013
A winning photographer with a winning photograph. Johan Norval - BKB 2013 Photographer of the Year

October 2013
Winners! Van Loveren Family Vineyard is the wine sponsor of Agricultural Writers SA' 2013 awards function.

August 2013
Magda du Toit
Winter in the Robertson winelands

September 2013
Magda du Toit
Action at the IFAJ congress

July 2013
Alani Janeke
Less can be more

June 2013
Sandy Macdonald
Gauteng's own lunar moon

April 2013
Liza Bohlmann
Munch time!

March 2013
Magda du Toit
Until the cows come home...

January 2013
Nico van Burick
South African farmers in the Republic of Congo worked day and night to prepare for the first maize plantings.

September 2012
Mercia Smith
Chicken or beef?
Ok definitely chicken!

August 2012
New Holland
Is this really a tractor?

July 2012
Naushad Khan
Now which road should we take?

June 2012
Helenus Kruger
Monsanto's 150 metres of winter warmth

May 2012
Deon du Toit
A harvest to take you into winter

April 2012
Wahl Jacobs, winner of the Landbouweekblad photo competition
Dividing sand from sand

March 2012
National Zoo
A Puff Adder took three hours to complete the birth of her 20 babies at the National Zoo.

February 2012
Source: Facebook

December/January 2012
Johan Norval
Mense in die boerdery - Johan Norval van Landbouweekblad is vanjaar se Landbouskrywers SA-BKB Fotograaf van die Jaar.

November 2011
Liza Bohlmann
They eat so well - Aimab Superfarm in Namibia - Liza received a Distinguished Recognition Certificate in the annual IFAJ Photo Contest for this photograph.

October 2011
Grietjie Lee
Orange is not just a fruit or a colour

September 2011
Magda du Toit
Getting to the core of the matter

August 2011
Mercia Smith
Lace - of steel and ice

July 2011
Mike Walsh
A tasty bite...

June 2011
Magda du Toit
Have machine - will work!

May 2011
Susan Botes
A real tongue twister!

April 2011
Liza Bohlmann
They eat so well - Aimab Superfarm in Namibia

March 2011
Nico van Burick
Early morning in the Waterberg in Limpopo

February 2011
The Augrabies was agile!

January 2011
Nico van Burick
I see you...

November/December 2010
Theuns Botha
The winning photograph of the 2010 Photographer of the Year award.

September 2010
Nico van Burick
I am Donkrag Joluza - Senior and Grand Champion Limousin Bull as well as Supreme Beef Animal at the Standerton Show. Ludwig Claassen of the Joluza Limousin stud farm is the owner.

August 2010
Johan Norval
Only a mother's love ....

July 2010
Johan Norval
The work never stops.

June 2010
Lisa Burger
It is all in the processing.

May 2010
Mercia Smith
Going nowhere ... slowly.

March 2010
Magda du Toit
Gert Heyns, Marketing Manager Seed (left) and Kobus Lindeque, Managing Director Monsanto SS Africa at one of the new DEKALB hybrids!

February 2010
Lisa Burger
Fore milking.

January 2010
Lisa Burger
Passing on knowledge.

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